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Our History

62 Years of Doing It Right!

Looking for a great hamburger in the metro Detroit area?

You are here. Remember the fifties? Those were the days.

Nostalgia, the days of the sock hops, drive-ins, car hops, great music, fast cars, .15 cent hamburgers and .07 cent soda pops.

Wouldn't it be nice to return.

At Bray's - we were there and now we come close to being there again. Now instead of car hops, we have drive thru's. Family affairs with their kids is a popular in thing of the 21st century. Our hamburgers are still priced to beat all, our breakfast is the best and we have the BellyBusters, Combo Meals, Great Breakfast Sandwiches, and we all still dream of the 50's.

Are you really hungry? Are you buying for the family, friends or the team? The Bray's 10-Pack will satisfy the hunger in everyone.

Did you know at Bray's Hamburgers we make our own Potato Chips? You have to try them. And they are truly fresh.

Now that we made you hungry, today is the day to stop by Bray's Hamburgers located in Westland, Michigan for our famous burgers, cheeseburgers, delicious sliders, french fries and Fresh Cooked Potato Chips. And our breakfast keeps making you come back for more.

Ahh - Remember the 50's

Gordon and Roy Bray started their first Hamburger stand in 1950.

After an extensive investigation of all business opportunities available at the time, Gordon said to Roy "Man, I'm tired of being broke, we got a bunch of those little rugrats at home to feed, Why don't we find somewhere we can try and sell Coffee, Donuts and Hamburgers like they do downtown at whatchamacallit's restaurant." So they did.

Gift Certificate

What a great gift idea! A Bray's Hamburgers gift certificate. The perfect place to stop after the prom, the movies or any occasion. Comes in all denominations. Bray's Hamburgers, Cheeseburgers, Fries, and a nice cold Soda Pop. The Perfect Combination for lunch or dinner.

  • 60 Years of Doing it Right

    The 50's experience, today.

  • Fresh Ingredients

    Fresh Ingredients. Always.

  • Delicious Bugers

    Try a Number of Delicious Burgers

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  • Buster the Donkey

    Meet the Famous "Buster" the Donkey.

  • Delicious with it's grilled onions and cheese!! I've been eating them for over 20 years and they rarely disappoint!!!
    by Laura F (Westland, MI)
  • There are hamburgers and then there are Brays... always classic and I am speechless after eating one.
    by Jordan S (Grapevine, TX)
  • Two hungry people can eat here for under $10 and they are open all night.
    by Sarah A (Westland, MI)
  • Bray's sliders... is there anything else as hot and greasy good? No, I don't think so.
    by Deb M (Canton, MI)
  • The menu is simple and everything is good and the service is fast even through the drive thru.
    by Timothy S (Dearborn Heights, MI)
  • Cheap eats, a lively staff, and in and out in 25 minutes... perfect for a quick bite before catching a flick!
    by Annette J (Ann Arbor, MI)
  • After sampling nearly all the sliders Detroit has to offer, I rank Bray's the highest for it's pickles and convenience.
    by Dea A (Houston, TX)
  • Brays ohhhh Brays how I love you. If you want an official greasy burger topped with grilled onions then look no further.
    by Gus M (Livonia, MI)
  • I had two cheese burgers and is awesome! Staff is nice and very outgoing.
    by Ricardo H (Wyandotte, MI)
  • Great fast burgers. Yummy shakes. A great late night stop. Friendly staff, clean and warm.
    by Margaret L (Westland, MI)
  • The food was fast, tasty and the prices were fantastic. I'll have to try a shake when I go back next time.
    by LaTrisha L (Redford Charter Township, MI)
Bray's Hamburgers
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